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The World’s Most Awarded Film

EnerLogic 35 Gold Plus Global Green Tag CertifiedTM

EnerLogic Window Films are a revolutionary glass insulation coating transforming poorly insulated windows into highly energy efficient windows. EnerLogic energy efficient window films have the same thermal performance to that of double-glazing, but at a significantly lower cost to glass replacement.

With its low cost, high return technology and reduced annual energy consumption, EnerLogic is way ahead of standard window films. It has made them virtually redundant

EnerLogic 35 Window Film has gained an international Gold Plus Green Tag Certification for it’s outstanding eco-friendly performance. No other product in the window film or glazing industry has achieved Global Green Tag Certification for eco excellence.

The Gold Plus Global Green Tag Certification firmly establishes EnerLogic 35 as the most technically advanced and eco-friendly window film in the world.

EnerLogic 70: For Cooler Climates

A non-reflective, spectrally selective light amber coloured film, allowing a high level of natural light to filter through with a patent pending Low-E coating. Applied internally to glass, it deflects solar heat penetration by up to 49% in the summer. In winter, it reflects the bulk of the heat generated in a room – back into the room, whilst allowing the ‘winter’ sun to enter in cooler periods, reducing energy usage and saving money.

Enerlogic 35 Specifications

Solar Heat Rejection
Ultra Violet Rejection
Glare Reduction
Light Transmitted

Enerlogic 70 Specifications

Solar Heat Rejection
Ultra Violet Rejection
Glare Reduction
Light Transmitted

Tint Ur Pride are Certified Installers

  • Improves insulating power of single glazing by up to 92%.

  • Provides a perfect balance of energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings – all year long.

  • Upgrades the annual insulating performance of single-glazed windows to that of double-glazed windows and upgrade double-glazed windows to the performance of triple-glazed windows.

  • Performs up to 5 times better than any other low-e film currently in the market.

  • Offers faster pay back than any other energy efficiency measures such as replacing windows or heating or cooling systems.

Green Tag Certified



Reducing carbon footprint is a critical component of corporate sustainability programs. Property and facility managers/owners, architects, utilities and government regulations are looking beyond simple payback and energy savings. Energy efficiency must now be managed effectively, 24/7 and every season of the year.
When EnerLogic Window Films are applied, less energy is consumed and natural resources are saved.
An Independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has shown that applying EnerLogic Window Film to the current generic glazing system renders it carbon neutral after two months.